9. 1971–1976 Ford Pinto (1.5 million recalled)

If you know anything about cars, you surely know about the Pinto and its troubles. In fact, the Pinto has become the epitome of troubled vehicles. While many people were happy about the 1.6-liter Kent engine, there were some other undesirable features.

One of the biggest design flaws of this car included the fuel-tank placement. There was a lack of structural reinforcement between the rear bolts and the fuel tank. This led the fuel tank to get punctured by the bolts and catch on fire. In fact, some even exploded.

Independent tests revealed that the Pinto could go up in flames when another car hit the back bumper at speeds of 20 mph. That small fender-bender could create an explosion, and it happened numerous times. A quick search online brings estimates of up to 180 deaths as a result.

Thankfully, Ford accepted the situation and recalled 1.5 million Mercury Bobcats and Ford Pintos as a result.