While April Fool’s Day is certainly a prankster’s paradise, any day is good to pull a fast one on someone, if you are in the mood for it or they deserve it. As long as the prank is not harmful to anything or anyone and does not cause anything but momentary anguish and palpitations to the prankee, things are good. Of course, there is no way to judge how the person on whom the prank is being pulled will react to the staged joke. While some may laugh and join in the fun, others may just turn to even greater lengths of pranking vengeance – so to all who love to pull a prank, be ready to have on pulled in return as well.

While it’s cool enough to put a whoopee cushion under someone’s chair or spike their tea with salt instead of sugar – car pranks fall into the epic category. Everyone loves their rides, be they swanky and pricey numbers or even hand-me-down beaters. And no one wants a scratch on their car! Prankers are pretty innovative when it comes to pulling a fast one on people who adore their cars, and harmless jokes on friends seem to go down well. Of course, when there is a parking lot buffoon involved, then pranking seems to get serious enough to cause the victim some delay and a ton of shame. Though in many cases, it doesn’t go too far. So are these car pranks well within the hilarious category, or did they go too far?

15 Keep It Fresh

At times in life, you come across these really snarky people with a holier-than-thou attitude chip on their shoulder. These people think of themselves as perfect creations, and of all others as major fixer-uppers. So they will keep pointing out mistakes in a snarky way and make enough sarcastic comments in a day that would be tough to swallow even in a lifetime.

This is the prank to pull on them – wrap up their favourite ride in miles of plastic wrap.

And be innovative enough to run it down both horizontally and vertically. Check out the message on this car “S’up shamer?” Hint, much?