A cool dad would want his kid to drive a cool car. Even if you’re just driving for the first time and learning how to drive, a great dad will get you an amazing car. However, buying “that” car can be extremely challenging. Most people will give you the advice to get the cheapest car. However, that’ll often lead you to get the ugliest cars from the lot. If you do that, you won’t be popular with your son and his friends. If you want to be the cool dad that your son will brag about, take more time in searching for the best car for him. Oh, and maybe spend a little extra to get the car that he’ll really like.

Your kid’s first car can mean a lot to them. It’ll be the first ride where he’s going to make a lot of memories. He’ll be taking road trips in this car with his friends as they take a quick break from college. He’ll be driving off to his first job in that vehicle. He may even get his first kiss in that car.

So, if you want him to have a car to remember, you should get a car he would be proud to drive. Let’s help you out find one. Here, we’ve listed down some of the amazing cars most dads want their sons to drive. Who knows? The one you’re looking for might be here.

15 Honda Civic Si

Trusted safe and reasonably priced, the Honda Civic Si is a good-looking car any great father would want any of his sons to drive. This car is a dependable ride that your son can bring to the uni or on his first day of work. Even if it’s cheaper than other sedans in the market, your son won’t be embarrassed to be seen driving this car because it’s sporty and has a mean stance that’s suitable for his macho demeanor.

The Honda Civic Si is available for manual transmission only. What’s more macho than being an expert in driving a stick? Your son will thank you someday for getting this as his first car.