Never judge a car by its hood.

You’ve heard the saying “never pick a fight with an ugly person because they have nothing to lose”? Well, even though the cars on this list have been ugly for quite some time, every single one of these vehicles is truly a really great, underrated ride (for the right driver of course). We often see these clown cars on the roads and wonder why anyone would do everything it takes to purchase one of these vehicles, but hey, if you’ve seen it out on the streets, that means someone bought it right? And if someone bought it, doesn’t that also mean it was the perfect set of wheels for that person?

Also, if a car is widely hated, doesn’t that mean the market price of that car lowers and then becomes a great deal? Every single car on this list had a specific driver in mind when the original manufactures designed them, and while most are pointing and laughing, all these cars were once sold to a very happy customer at one point or another.

We’re going to let the haters be haters and defend these ugly ducklings because each and every car on this list is an overlooked catch. Don’t listen to the rest and give these undervalued hot-rods a chance! So let’s get started, shall we? Here are 20 cars that everyone hates… BUT THEY’RE GOOD (actually, they’re great)! We hope you take this opportunity to look at these hidden treasures for their real worth, and to never judge a car by its hood.

20 Renault Vel Satis

We’ve seen ugly looking cars, but nothing compares to what we’re nicknaming the “Hatchback of Notre Dame.” The Renault Vel Satis has all the features of a Volkswagen Jetta, but a back-end uglier than any cathedral gargoyle.

Now that we’ve mentioned the looks, the Renault Vel Satis actually has some good insides that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

This 5-seater sedan has a roomy interior and a V-6 engine, making it a nice daily car for any driver needing just the right amount of extra room in the rear. Most may hate this vehicle, but maybe the Renault Vel Satis is actually someones Esméralda.