Driving is different across the world. Depending on what country someone is at, there are a ton of factors that make for either a pleasant or a dangerous driving experience. There might be government problems that can lead to unrest or the bending of traffic laws (if there are any, to begin with). On the other hand, there may be environmental elements impossible for a country to avoid. As a result, there are some countries that should be on everyone’s radar when it comes to getting from point A to point B.

It’s possible, however, to examine what countries are the most dangerous based on a few elements. First, there’s the number of road-related fatalities every year in comparison with how many people live there. Next, one has to consider the state of a country’s roads and infrastructure. Last but not least, there are the traffic laws and how severe law enforcement holds people to them, although some countries get off easy, considering they don’t have many roads in the first place. Therefore, roadside accidents and deaths tend to be less common in those countries.

20 South Korea

South Korea may have a lot of awesome things like kimchi and taekwondo. Unfortunately, driving isn’t one of the positives of this rich country.

According to Complex, drivers tend to hold traffic laws in something of a gray area. Instead of the elements playing a role in the poor driving conditions there, it has more to do with the drivers.

Whenever a driver shuns the traffic laws, though, that’s when things have the potential to get dangerous (in spite of how much people hate to follow rules).