Similar to the world of cars, the world of motorcycles is an exciting one. The motorcycles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with so it is very easy to choose one that you like. Instead of pouring a lot of money on buying car, you can think about owning a motorbike with more affordable price if they want. Obviously, it is your choice, and this article will brings for you 25 best of motorcycles that you may never know.


With extraordinary feats of technical prowess, exclusive, small-run HOREX VR6 series are designed to make a statement. HOREX VR6 Café Racer is the serial model following the exclusive special model HOREX VR6 Black Edition which comes with the innovative VR6 cylinder concept, high-end components, exclusive materials and top flight manufacturing quality. 

24. PATON S1

Paton S1 was introduced in 2014 which was the road going version of their Lightweight TT bike. The motorbike is the perfect combination of old and new works together. The hand built and lightweight S1 comes with 8v liquid-cooled parallel twin, 6 gears which provide great performance at reasonable price.


At competitive price, Benelli Tornado 302 offers even more for the money you pay. A dynamic, fascinating design and Benelli DNA makes Benelli Tornado 302 look like a high-end sport bike. Thanks to the 302R’s upside down fork and mono shock rear-suspension system with adjustable preload, Tornado 302 delivers great performance in a wide range of road-surface conditions.


The 650 Raptor comes with a reliable Japanese engine and smart Italian style in harmony. It is a cool, capable light/middle weight all round motorcycle. In addition, the fueling mods make the bike feel more smooth and fast. Despite the bike may not be something extra special, it still makes drivers satisfied with the comfort level coming from the riding position.

21. MZ 1000S

MZ 1000S comes from MZ – a well-known German motorcycle manufacturers. Thanks to the parallel twin 1000S 1-liter engine and Street fighter, MZ 1000S becomes distinguish from others. A comfortable wide seat, along with twin spar type of frame, firm suspension and powerful brakes offer comfortable ride experiences for drivers.


Benelli Tre-K is an all-purpose street motorcycle with 12v in-line-triple, 6 gears which gives the motorcycle enough power. The striking feature of this motorbike is its versatility on the road. The supple and soft suspension along with upright riding position, comfy seat and decent wind protection make Benelli Tre-K become one of the best creations from the Italian manufacturer.


KAWASAKI VN2000 delivers a V-Twin engine with 2-liter capacity – the biggest engine for a while which produces enormous, thudding power. With its Japanese build quality, the bike offers reliable and smooth driving performance even for years. However, as the Kawasaki brand, KAWASAKI VN2000 has to get difficulty in American trading market. 

18. BMW G650X

BMW offers three completely different ride experiences to potential customers through three new G650 X models – the Xcountry Adventure Sports, Xchallenge Enduro and Xmoto Supermoto. Each model comes with the same liquid-cooled single-cylinder F650 engine, but each of them also has an entirely different personality. It is reason why the X series was considered to be a really great seller.


By building successfully a motorcycle that lasts for years and years, Kawasaki succeeds in the fickle mass market for smaller motorbike. The Japanese producers made the AR50 from 1981 until 1994. Thanks to a 49cc air-cooled two-stroke engine and light weight, AR50 offers comfortable and well handle driving experience.


Debuted in 1979, Pantah is one of the most successful bikes in Ducati production history. It was considered a veritable technical revolution at Ducati. The motorbike is powered with V twin 4-stroke engine along with five-speed gearbox transmission, giving top speed of 200km/h. The successful sale of Pantah played an important role in the Ducati’s development when the brand was in dire trouble.

15. DUCATI 1098

Ducati 1098 was the Ducati motorcycle enthusiasts had been waiting for since the Ducati 916. Ducati 1098 uses the most powerful production V-twin motorcycle engine ever, producing 160bhp and 92ftlb of torque at 8000rpm. The exquisite Ducati 1098 makes you recalibrate what you thought was possible on a motorcycle.


The second generation of Confederate’s Combat Fighter motorcycle platform is the most distinctive custom motorcycles ever created.  The entire 6061 billet aluminum from its chassis to its engine makes the Confederate Gen2 P51 be one of the most fatigue resistant motorcycles. It not only looks pretty amazing but also can be a beast on the road as well.


Recently, Kreidler is more well-known for its e-bikes and bicycles, but they have introduced a new motorcycle lineup. Most of the models come with LED lights, a stainless steel exhaust system, inverted front forks, and adjustable suspension. It is great, cool and affordable car for daily commuting.


Indian Scout is an iconic ride, with the perfect combination of legendary Indian Motorcycle power and great handling. It is powered with a 69 cubic inch, 100 hp V-Twin which makes the bike boost the performance. Indian Scout comes with modern technology including electronic fuel injection, engine counter balancing providing a consistently outstanding riding experience.


Keeway Cruiser 250 has extremely striking appearance which is obviously styled in the Harley Davidson image and draws attention on the road. Thanks to a fuel injected engine, air-cooled 4 strokes one with five-speed transmission, Keeway Cruiser 250 is great car for commutes or medium distanced trips.

10. BMW HP4

The interesting fact comes from the name HP standing for high performance. BMW HP4 is not only supremely fast but also the natural and co-operative sport bike. The striking feature is motorcycling’s first semi-active suspension system, Dynamic Damping Control which constantly readjusts the damping settings front and rear according to how you’re riding.


BSA Bantam Bushman (1970)

BSA Bantam was a British model with a German design which was one of the bestselling motorbikes of all times. Produced for 23 years and developed a cult reputation, BSA Bantam remains one of the most influential classic motorbikes of the British motorcycle industry. The motorbike offers various models with the last one in 1968.


BSA Rocket was designed by Triumph which was then owned by BSA, so it is also known as Triumph Trident.  The triple was debuted in 1969 CB750 shortly before the launch of the Honda CB750. BSA Rocket is one of the fastest production motorcycles you could buy.  Unfortunately, BAS brought the concept into production so late, so this bike only sold some 7,000 units compared to 30,000 Honda CB750s in 1969.


The Venom was already reliable, had great handling and was Velocette’s hottest street bike. Financial problem does not allow them to design a totally new bike with a modern engine. As a result, 1968 Velocette Venom Thruxton which was a better version of it was released. Unfortunately, the Velocette firm went bankruptcy and only close to 1100 of these fast, reliable, and robust bikes was produced.

06. YAMAHA SDR 200

Launched in 1986, SDR 200 comes with a 200cc single cylinder two-stroke engine and it was intended for the Japanese home market only, but a few examples have escaped as grey imports. The highlighting its features are its diminutive size and a chrome trellis frame. It only stayed in production from around 1986 to 1987. 


The Panther Model is a really old bike; it was produced in 1930 by Panther which was originally known as Phelon & Moore. The Model was produced until the 1960s. It was the perfect motorcycle from the perfect place – Yorkshire. It was said to be a well built, thoroughbred motorbike with Bradshaw’s engine – a revelation of smoothness, reliability, oil control, power, and easy maintenance.


The nicknamed of Triumph Model H was “Trusty” coming from its reliability during these difficult times in the First World War. This motorcycle comes with a four-stroke cylinder engine which requires low maintenance. Triumph built 30,000 units of the Model H for the army during the First World War.


Steve McQueen jumps over a fence of a prisoner war camp using the Desert Racer in a famous scene from the film “The Great Escape”.  Steve McQueen himself has stated “This rig is the best handling bike I’ve ever owned.” It may be the reason for the well-known of Metisse Desert Racer. With the option to be road registered, and have a pillion seat, Desert Racer can be more than just an iconic motorcycling sculpture.

02. KTM DUKE 390

KTM Duke 390 has been improved over the years and become amazing car for decades. The 390 DUKE comes with great dimensions, plenty of space and freedom to hang it out. The motorcycle is light as a feather, powerful and packed with state-of-the-art technology.


Created by a young design team, Honda Vultus comes with radical style which not only crosses traditional two-wheeled lines but also reach out to a wider audience. It is a futuristic and sporty looking bike. It is powered with excellent fuel economy and strong engine, so Honda Vultus can bring great driving experiences.