A car’s popularity and success in the market comes from several factors ranging from styling, performance, the reliability of the electronics and mechanical parts, its costs, fuel efficiency and such other metrics. In fact, there are several shortcomings where the automakers want to ignore. Here are list of 25 popular cars which come with many issues, so it is necessary for you to consider these problems before deciding whether you buy these cars or not.


If you’re looking for off-road prowess, Jeep Wrangler should be near the top of your list. However, it isn’t the best choice for people who want an SUV as their daily driver. It has poor safety, reliability ratings and poor gas mileage estimation. In addition, Jeep Wrangler has higher price than rivals.


Land Rover Discovery is considered as one of the most capable off-roaders in the class, but its predicted reliability rating is low. There are some issues ranging from a leaking roof to electronics and the internal fit and trim. The gas mileage with base engine is subpar compared to some competitors that have better on-road performance, nicer interiors, and higher predicted reliability ratings.